The parish council usually meets on the 2nd Wednesday of the month in the Village Hall Committee room from 7.30pm April to October and 7.00pm November to March.

The Parish of Bradford & Cookbury is made up of two separate Civil Parishes – Bradford and Cookbury; these were combined as one to enable the formation of one Parish Council. Bradford CP covers approximately 16 sq km (1600 hectares) whilst Cookbury CP covers approximately 11 sq km (1100 hectares). The combined parish is located in central Devon almost equidistant from the towns of Holsworthy and Hatherleigh. It is entirely rural in nature with only the two small hamlets of Bradford (Holemoor) and Cookbury by name and several smaller settlements including Brandis Corner, Cookbury Wick, Middlecott, Priestacott and Upcott. Population in 2019 was 371 for Bradford ward and 171 for Cookbury ward.

Much of the remainder is farmland and forestry plantation with no substantial industry.

Only one main road crosses the area, the A3072 (Holsworthy to Hatherleigh) though the unclassified road from Brandis Corner to Stibb Cross, which bisects the parish passing through Bradford (Holemoor), is arguably just as busy.

This is an ancient area with mentions in the Domesday Book the parish of Bradford being known as Bradefort probably referring to a broad ford across the Torridge at what is now known as Bradford Mill and its connections with the Cadho, Arscott and Bickford families who owned the Dunsland Estate, now part of the National Trust holdings.

There are two fine old churches; Bradford, the site of which dates from the 5th Century, and Cookbury from the 12th Century with its dedication to the martyred Seven Maccabees which is unique to this country; a recently extended primary school (between the two hamlets); a splendid new village hall (next to the school) and a pub (the Bickford Arms) at Brandis Corner. Access to regular services is limited to those in neighbouring towns and villages. A night landing facility for the Devon Air Ambulance has been provided at Holemoor.

Latest News

Welcome to the Bradford & Cookbury Parish Council website. Next PC meeting : 11 August in the Village Hall. We have 6 councillor vacancies available for Co-Option. 3 in Cookbury and 3 in Bradford. See NEWS page.
New Grants and Donations Policy now in place, See NEWS page. September 2020: New accessibility statement for WCAG 2.1 level AA conformity.
The ‘Pop-Up’ fridge at Bradford has now closed after 15 months of operation. Over £3500 worth of dairy products were supplied to the community in that time.