Bradford & Cookbury Newsletters

This page is available for any parish based group to publish notices and newsletters. Please supply a pdf to the clerk.

Title Description Hits Download
New Torridge Waste Services Poster New Torridge Waste Services Poster 4 Download Preview
Garden Waste Poster A4 Torridge Garden Waste scheme 25 Download Preview
B&C News Apr May 2018 Bradford & Cookbury News April/May 2018 42 Download Preview
B&C News Feb Mar 2018 Parish newsletter Feb/March 2018 67 Download Preview
Councillor Vacancies October 2017 Two Councillor Vacancies : October 2017 88 Download Preview
TV Complaints Letters(1) TV Reception complaints because of Dunsland Cross wind Farm? See letter, 144 Download Preview
DCWF Noise Complaints(1) Dunsland Cross Wind Farm : Noise complaints procedure 137 Download Preview
Recyling Memory Jogger Recycling materials extended by Torridge 144 Download Preview
Dogs trust Dogs Trust. Free Talks to Community & Social groups 163 Download Preview
Holsworthy Rural Community Transport Poster Holsworthy Rural Community Transport Poster 192 Download Preview
TDC self build Self-build register with TDC 129 Download Preview