Bradford & Cookbury Newsletters

This page is available for any parish based group to publish notices and newsletters. Please supply a pdf to the clerk.

Special HRH Edition DownloadPreview
statement-of-persons-nominated-pcc-may-2021(1) DownloadPreview
Holsworthy Rural DownloadPreview
2021 NOTICE OF ELECTION A3 DownloadPreview
A3 PCC-Notice-of-election 2021 DownloadPreview
Notice of Co-option 2021 DownloadPreview
Interim Devon Carbon Plan DownloadPreview
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Holemoor Book Kiosk 2020 DownloadPreview
B&C Community Fridge on VE day 2020 DownloadPreview
NHS poster colour DownloadPreview
Parish Grants policy application form 2020 DownloadPreview
Parish Council Grants and Donations policy 2020 DownloadPreview
RVS CS2324 Community Companions Branch Guide(web) DownloadPreview
Fire Service Home Safety Visits DownloadPreview
NHS LEAFLET PDF DownloadPreview
Ash Dieback Postcard A6 proof2 DownloadPreview
CBF Poster 2019 (v3 Aug 2019) DownloadPreview
CBF Grant Application Form - August 2019 DownloadPreview
Moving-Together-Devon-A5-Ad-Fr.Col DownloadPreview
Cookbury war memorial 2018 DownloadPreview
Press release Holemoor landing site Oct 2018 DownloadPreview
Bradford and Cookbury Parish Council - Employers Liability Certificate 2020 DownloadPreview
ICO Registration Certificate 2020 to 2021 DownloadPreview
ICO Registration Certificate 2019 to 2020 DownloadPreview
Bradford and Cookbury PC Standing Orders April 2020 DownloadPreview
GDPR General Privacy Notice 2018 Bradford and Cookbury Parish Council DownloadPreview
2012 Code of Conduct v1 DownloadPreview
Holsworthy Rural Community Transport Poster DownloadPreview