Bradford & Cookbury Newsletters

This page is available for any parish based group to publish notices and newsletters. Please supply a pdf to the clerk.

Title Description Hits Download
B&C News Feb Mar 2018 Parish newsletter Feb/March 2018 15 Download Preview
B&C News Dec Jan 2018 Newsletter Dec/Jan 2018 67 Download Preview
DCRF Newsletter DEC 17 Devon Community newsletter 43 Download Preview
NHW on Websites 2017 Neighbourhood Watch 54 Download Preview
Little Book of Cyber Scams Protect yourself from cyber scams 46 Download Preview
2017.10 Local Flood Risk Management Strategy - Update Final Devon Flood Risk newsletter 70 Download Preview
Councillor Vacancies October 2017 Two Councillor Vacancies : October 2017 37 Download Preview
TV Complaints Letters(1) TV Reception complaints because of Dunsland Cross wind Farm? See letter, 102 Download Preview
DCWF Noise Complaints(1) Dunsland Cross Wind Farm : Noise complaints procedure 74 Download Preview
Recyling Memory Jogger Recycling materials extended by Torridge 66 Download Preview
Dogs trust Dogs Trust. Free Talks to Community & Social groups 97 Download Preview
Holsworthy Rural Community Transport Poster Holsworthy Rural Community Transport Poster 143 Download Preview
TDC self build Self-build register with TDC 101 Download Preview